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our life before and how we came to America

 Valente & Manuel Valenzuela



The Valenzuela Brother's Mother, Socorro, was Born in Loving, New Mexico, America in 1930 . After she met their father, Ricardo, who was born in Mexico, they were married in Mexico and started a family.  After the six eldest children were born in Mexico, the family relocated back to Socorro's native home, in the United States in 1955.  
When the family crossed the boarder into the United States, legally , the Immigration officer provided the mother and all of the family wrong documentation, which it was a "Permanent  Resident Card" instead of the correct documentation of Duel Citizenship.  
The growing Valenzuela family eventually welcomed 8 boys and 4 girls to their ranks.  Four of the children served active duty in various branches of the United States military

Upon hearing President Kennedy's plea to the nation to, "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country", Valente joined the United States Army from 1965-1968 .  In 1968 he was awarded the Bronze Star in Vietnam.

Manuel joined the U.S. Marines and served from 1971-1974.  He was stationed in Vietnam in 1971-1972. In 2009 both brothers received Removal Notices from the Department of Homeland Security, requiring them to appear in Immigration court in Denver, Co.
Since the original deportation notice, the brothers have been actively fighting not only their own deportation, but also assisting other families who have been forced to leave the very nation for which they fought by an overzealous branch of the government.

"The deportation of American Military Veterans is an immoral stain on the very fabric of our nation."  Manuel Valenzuela 

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